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Introducing the BASICS by WITTLEBEE. Every month you’ll receive the option to buy a WITTLEBEE Basics Box filled with 6 high-quality shirts, sox, shorts and pants for your child ... along with occasional surprise bonuses. Each box includes quality pieces you want touching your child’s delicate skin. WITTLEBEE clothing is manufactured safely for children with the highest quality fabrics and dyes. We ship fast, and because we’re a local US company, we can give you a better quality product at only a fraction of the cost.

The best fabrics for your child.

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  • Wittlebee Basics are designed and manufactured by children’s clothing experts ... ensuring your child always feels comfortable and looks well dressed.
  • We only use the highest quality fabrics. Low impact dyes, eco friendly fabrics.
  • Each box includes tops and bottoms to keep your child’s skin soft and beautiful.

WITTLEBEE High quality basics to for your growing child.